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Legend of Babatag tree

Babatag tree     Eagle Rock Resort sits on a huge ancient site where the Kishlak (Village) existed during 14-15th century AD. Its inhabitants were tall varying about 2-3 meters in height.

     But when the pestilence came to the region, only three brothers survived - one of which was the biggest brother named Bobo.

     They each went on to live separately on the high mountains. Two mountains appeared in the territory of present Kyrgyzstan, and the third mountain was named in honor of the big brother Bobotag, which is sited in the region where present Uzbekistan is. It is also at the foot of this mountain that Eagle Rock Resort is situated.

     Bobotag was indeed a very noble and honorable man. Being the most senior of the 3 brothers, he had huge respect amongst the people as he only accepted an image of the eremite (hremit) who has lodged in a cave of the high mountain where the commonalty couldn't rise.

     He served as the shepherd and helped anyone who needed help. When Bobotag died, it wasn't possible to transfer him from the top of the mountain to bury below because of his huge size. So his brothers buried him in the cave where he lived. And for those who couldn’t come up to his grave to pray, his brothers transplanted two arches growing at the entrance of his cave down here.

     Ever since then, people from all over, including the countries of post-Soviet Union regularly come to this Holy site to ask for help for their good deeds.

     Usually people came here seeking help to fight against illnesses and infertility. If you want to ask for help, it is advisable to come early in the morning to such a holy site in clean body and clean clothes; to pray and make your wish, facing West. End by tying a string or ribbon on the branch of this sacred tree.

     The water which flows down from the top of Mount Bobotag is also sacred. Before drinking it, it is necessary for one to pray as well. It is no secret that the water provides a source of knowledge and it absorbs everything that occurs around, as such it is impossible to swear and blaspheme near it.

* * *

     Around Babatag mountain and within the grounds of Eagle Rock are various ancient and traditional heritage places considered as sacred by the local residents.

     One is sited at the top of one of the mountains within the Sacred Place Trail. Other sites like the "Babatag Tree", can be found in the territory of Eagle Rock Resort. Local residents till this day, do visit these places to pray and ask for health and well-being.

     Legends exist and one is famously known for assisting couples with new-borns. Stating that if a young family at which the child in any way cannot be born, will come to one of these sacred places, will spend there time - at them the child will necessarily be born.

     From the scientific point of view, there is an explanation to it. Various places on earth have raised geomagnetic fields which operate favorably on a human body. Since olden days such places were considered as sacred.

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