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Mountain Bike 2012


AX GP of Mountain Bike     A Mountain Bike is basically a mountain bicycle, a discipline of cycling hugely popular amongst youth around the world!

     The dream is to send our local sportsmen not only to enter in the Olympics someday, but to win a medal as well. Such ambiguous plans do not happen overnight, and it would certainly take some time. But it is with this in mind to allow our compatriots a platform to experience various rugged terrains and impassable mountain stony tracks that the first ever AX GP of MOUTАIN BIKE -2012 were organized. The massive followers of extreme biking were given the opportunity to prove their mettle and compete to be crowned the first champion of the inaugural competition with prize sponsored by the AX GROUP.

     AX GP of MOUTАIN BIKE -2012, was held for a first time in the territory of Uzbekistan from August until September. Competition was based on established rules set by the International Federation of Mountain Biking (IFMB) and consisted of three stages surrounding a «Cross Country» route system (which is a classical race on the crossed mountain district). Participants had to amass points for all three stages; winners will be qualifying from those with the highest points collected.

     «AX PARTNERS» Co., Ltd. was the official event organizer as well as the appointed advertising agency. Competitions had to pass a specialized 1 km route, over high-mountainous terrain located in territory of "Eagle Rock Resort" (Babatag, Chatkal ridge western Tjan-Shan). The route is lined with difficult obstacles, springboards and a water barrier. According to experts, the planned course has a fair amount of complexity well suited for the local mountain bikers, considering their level of competency. Each participant will naturally be guaranteed of biking over the most picturesque landscape from the surrounding nature, making it a special bonus attraction of the event.

AX GP of Mountain Bike     A total of more than 30 participants (divided into 3 age-categories) took part. The minimum age qualification for participation in the Grand Prix is 12 years old. The first - a youthful category of participants competed on a five-kilometer distance that is equivalent to pass of 5 circles of circuit. Adults have measured swords in limit of 10 circles. Although not being of Olympic specifications, it is only a fun-novelty category to begin with and not everyone are able to complete.

     Another interesting category is one catered only for females. Besides girls, young men also had to compete on a distance of 5km. Drobysheva Olga became the triple winner in a present season. In youthful category of Champion ship started from a victory Islam Usmanov. At the second stage Izmaylov Andrey showed the best result. And on the third, Usmanov again was stronger. In a category of men at the second stage, Abramov Nikita gained victory, and twice in the championship Vladislav Galjanov became the best.

     There was also a charity prize-winning fund collected from the championship which raised 10 000 000 soums


Photo gallery AX GP of MOUTАIN BIKE - 2012

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