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Beautiful Moments at Eagle Rock Resort
Leading School from Singapore Visits Uzbekistan for First Time

Eagle Rock Resort hosted Raffles Institution (RI), one of top, secondary schools, to a sumptuous lunch BBQ and day's outing up at the beautiful Chatfcal Ridge surrounding Babatag Mountain, near the Ahangaran (Angren) water reservoir. The event took place on 3rd September 2013 and was organised by AX Property Developments (Uzbekistan), the owners of Eagle Rock Resort.

The visit to Eagle Rock Resort is part of the school's 13-day trip to Uzbekistan which began on 23rd August 2013. The focus of the 21-member group was "Understanding Uzbekistan through Photographs". Besides visiting the capital Tashkent, the 19 male students, all aged between 15-16 years old, and accompanied by 2 teachers, also visited Bukhara and Samarkand as well.

Eagle Rock Resort took the wonderful opportunity to work with AX Exotic Travels Pte Ltd from Singapore, the organiser of the entire school trip to Uzbekistan, to cater BQ and a photography project for the students before they departed for home. "Eagle rock Resort Is grateful for the opportunity to host the students and teachers from Singapore", says Mr. Timur Chelebtyev, Operations Director of Eagle rock Resort, adding, "We warmly welcome Riffles Institution from Singapore and hope that our programmes organised Is a great way to promote our beautiful country to Singapore even more".

AX Exotic Trave is a boutique travel company based In Singapore who specialises In reatlng customised tour packages to Interesting destinations targeting Individuals, families, Corporate-Business Clients and Schools.

To this end, It has been working closefy wfth the Uzbekistan Embassy In Singapore since 2010 to promote Uzbekistan to the local public and even took part In the Tashkent International Tourism Fair (TITF) In 2011.


Photo gallery Welcomes Raffles Institution from Singapore

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