Eagle Rock resort - unique recreation area in Babatag mountain.
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Spring water

      In the territory of "Eagle Rock" recreation area and in its vicinities spring water exists.

      According to analysis data, the spring water contains rich quantity of useful substances which are absent in usual potable water. Such as calcium, sodium, magnesium, kalium, hydrocarbonates.

     And the content of undesirable substances are minimum, or in general is absent, in difference from usual potable water.

The table of the content of substances:

Ingridients, Unit of Measure Unit Contents in
spring water
Normatives of
drinking water
1 pH   6,95 6.-9.
2 Ammonium ions mg/1liter Not found None
3 Nitrites mg/1liter Not found None
4 Nitrates mg/1liter 7,75 45
5 The general rigidity mg/1liter 0,9 7
6 Calcium mg/1liter 18 None
7 Magnesium mg/1liter 3,6 None
8 Chloride mg/1liter 3,2 250
9 Sulfates mg/1liter 24,5 400
10 Causeticity mg/1liter 0,85 None
11 Hydrocarbonates mg/1liter 51,8 None
12 Iron mg/1liter 0,09 0,3
13 Еhe dry balance (Salts) mg/1liter 89 1000
14 Sodium + Potassium mg/1liter 13,1 None
15 Phosphases mg/1liter Not found 3,5
16 Oxidability mg oxygen/1liter 0,96 5
Probe delivery date: 24.10.2012
Tests were conducted: 25.10.2012 - 05.11.2012
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